I’ve never written a love poem before
I write proud poems
A knock you down to the floor poem
But never a love poem
I met you broken
Gorgeous, bruised, you told me you loved me before you met me
And I laughed
I kept you, kept them skimming across the surface, tracing angels in the small of my back, the tiger striped flesh between my thighs
I cared for them until we both forget me

A year of lows had me 5ft under
Forgetful of the morning’s light
Of dusk’s, rich reds and woody otherworldly browns
And you filled my heart like a bassy blues melody strummed by deeply folded paper thin skin, and then the chorus hits.
Oh baby
And my heart melted
You drew me wet
Between my thighs
Pouring from my eyes
Baby you moved me
Firm, gentle, urgently timeless
I came so hard every single time

I did not trust, could not let you in
Pushed you hard away from the softest parts of .
I did not trust you with the truth of me
I am a legacy of sorrow borne to this earth before I knew breath
But baby your blackness
My blackness
We block out the sun
In an eclipse, the whole world knows the beauty, the solace, the endlessness of the darkness
And baby, you know I love it in the dark

I didn’t fall in love with you
I fought in love with you
Round 15, breathing heavy, stinging softly, aching belly, trembling jaw
Unwavering stare
You caught me
I sparred, you danced
You pulled me into the corner and you talked me into myself
I loved you because I loved me
Before you asked me to love you,
You moved mountains so I could love me

This brave warrior princess
You love me
You love us

And in your worship of Black Femme Fyre

And in the way that you create alters out of ancestors words
And stretch out arms that hold back the world

You always show up for me
Promise only what you can keep

And now you hold me broken/open
Fiercely protecting and pushing
Having me knowing I don’t have to do nuthin to be loved
Just stay black and live


Kim Crosby is a daughter of the diaspora, Arawak, West African, Indian and Dutch, hailing from Trinidad and living currently in Toronto.

She is a 5-time award wining multidisciplinary artist, activist and organizer.

She completed her artist residency under D’bi Young at the AnitAfrika Theatre and has touring internationally with her one womyn play, “Hands In My Cunt” a biomythographical account of her resistance and experience of sexual violence.